Horseshoe Nail Crosses

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

These horseshoe nail crosses are wire crosses made with 22 gauge wire.
This is a smaller wire, which gives the horseshoe nail crosses a more refined look.

We wrap the wire on the #3 horseshoe nail cross to the bottom of the nail, unless otherwise directed. We do not wrap the 3.5 horseshoe nail cross to the bottom unless requested and there will be an addition .25 per cross charge for the 3.5 horseshoe nail cross that is wrapped to the bottom. (please email for addtional information and special link to order by)

The necklace cord, is adjustable which allows you to coordinate the length with your outfit.

This cross is available in two sizes. #3 Capewell nails and the #3.5 Capewell nails.
Using the #3 nail makes the cross about 1/4 inch shorter than the regular Disciples Cross necklace.

Our horseshoe nail crosses are freshly made and come completely assembled and bagged, ready for wearing or selling!

You can compare the looks of the wire crosses horseshoe nail crosses

Above you will see a display of the different sized horseshoe nail crosses we have available.
from left to right--> 1) #3/22 2) #3.5/22 3) #3.5/20 4) #3/20.
For more information about the differences and what nail/wire size you are looking at take a peek over here

Horseshoe Nail Crosses

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Solid Color - Horseshoe Nail Crosses

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Two or Three Color - Horseshoe Nail Crosses

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* Gold'en' * Dark Pink * Royal Blue * Orange * Amethyst * Purple * Orchid * Seafoam; only available on 20 Gauge Wire crosses

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Horseshoe Nail Crosses