Nail Crosses

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Nail & Wire Size

We offer two sizes in the wire and capewell horseshoe nails.

This page is here to show you the difference.

Many Colors

We have twenty-five 20 gauge colors and twenty-five 22 gauge colors to choose from.

You are are free to use these colors to design *every cross* in your kit.

Feel free to mix and match your kit's crosses using one, two, three or even four color crosses.

Jesus Poems

Others have shared their poems with us, and we have compiled them on this page.

If you have a poem you'd like to share with others, please let us know.

Free Prebent Nail Sample

Would you like a sample of our Prebent Nails before ordering?

We no longer bend nails. We have chosen to sell the completed crosses for $3 each.

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We are here to serve YOU.

Over the years, producers have sent testimonies to us through email and the DCProducers forum.

Feel free to read them here.

Make Nail Cross

This shows how to make a cross we call, the Jesus cross.
It uses an extra nail to resemble the crucifix.

Tips for making Disciples Crosses

Chuck has put together some tips for making Disciples Crosses easier, from his years of making them.

Disciples Cross Patent

We have compiled all the information we have found about this cross, copyrights, trademarks and patents. We have included government databases to search, if you are searching yourself.

Copper Wire Craft Shows

We have compiled a listing of Craft Show locators to help you find craft shows near you.

Notices page

We will be using this page to keep you up-to-date with the happenings around here.

Updates like if we are running low on certain supplies, if we have had a mad rush of orders come in, new products, etc.

Make sure you always refresh your browser to see the newest news.

Customer Service

This customer service page answers questions about us, about ordering crosses, about payments we accept.


Go here to find out anything about your shipping.
What method we use, crosses that receive free shipping, or if you are required to add shipping.

If you are required to pay shipping, you must add your manually here. Paypal won't do it for you. Sorry.

You will also find information about overseas orders here.

Site Map

I try my best to keep this map of our site up to date. But it is not always possible.

We are continually trying to add information and helps to our website, so be sure to look around each visit.