Jewelry Tags

* DC advertising tags, not available anymore.

   * Bag Topper             (Free template)
   * Jesus Cross Tags     (Free template)
   * Business Card Tags  (Free template)
   * Customizable Tags   (.05¢)

Tag Poems

Poems donated by fellow Christians.

Bag Topper

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This is a free bag topper design and template.

You have seen these hangers used to hang merchandise in stores.
This is a folded piece of card stock with a hole punched in the top, in order to hang the product on those display poles. Perfect solution to hang your jewelry on tags.

* Cheryl has donated her MSWord template that she uses to make her toppers.(snowflakeblank.doc)

* She has also included some instructions.

* This is an example jpg(example.jpg)

* This is a blank snow flake jpg topper(snowflakeblank.jpg)

* This is a blank jpg topper(emptytopper.jpg)

Jesus Cross Tags

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Here is a blank Word document template.
Feel free to download and use to make your own Jesus Cross tag.
One doc file is for the front of your tag, one doc file is for the back of your tag
Instructions for making the Jesus Cross is available on our site.
Please do not use these to try to duplicate DC's advertising tags.

Here is a Jesus Tag front(jesus-cross-front.doc)
Here is a Jesus Tag back(jesus-cross-back.doc)

Business Card Tags

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Julie said she creates a duplicate of her business card in Word using the template for Avery business cards #5371 or #8371. She said you sould be able to edit them and add your information and then just copy them to the rest of the page and print them out.

Customizable Tags

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This is a website for making Customized Jewelry Tags for any needs you may have.
I know many people make different types of jewelry and this is just a good deal Tina shared with me.
She said they are beautiful full colored tags.
Tag style themes like Christian, Religion, Jewelry.
I believe Tina said they are .05ยข each, in bulk.
Overnightprints.comThis is a link directly to the size I've been told works good in small ziplock baggies"

These are jewelry tags we have been given to share with you.

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bag topper
Bag Topper