Disciples Cross Wholesale

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale

We have been supplying Diciples Cross makers with Disciples Cross supplies since 2004.Our reputation is very important to us. We are here to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ with supplies and wholesale jewelry.See what other Disciples Cross Producers have to say about us.

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Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Neck Cord -AVAILABLE

Neck Cord available in black, brown or tan.

Would you rather have your neck cord uncut in bulk form in your Disciples Cross Supplies? No problem at all.

Bulk cord -or- cut in perfect sizes to make adjustable neck cords for your Disciples Crosses.

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Wholesale Nail Cross Jewelry - AVAILABLE

If you get behind making your crosses or would just prefer to buy some of your wholesale cross jewelry premade, we will be honored to serve you!
Let us supply you with premade crosses.
We have premade Necklaces, Keychains, Zipper Pulls, Anklets, Rear View Mirror Cross, and Angel Crosses.
We also have everything in specialized Patriotic themes, and Double or Combo Wrapped Wholesale Cross Jewelry.

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Prebent Nails- to cut your time in half - UNAVAILABLE

Have you ever tried using our Prebent Nails for your Disciples Cross?
These are the perfect addition to your Disciples Cross supplies. Request a free sample of our prebent nails.

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Capewell Horseshoe Nails - UNAVAILABLE

Fresh Capwell Nails unbent, in case you enjoy bending your own nails. We carry two sizes of Capewell Nails. Keep both sizes in your cross supplies for making different sized crosses.Compare the two sizes of Capewell Horseshoe Nails to see what size you would like your crosses to be.

Wire for Jewelry Copper Wire - for your Disciples Cross supplies UNAVAILABLE

We have searched high and low, to bring together the best quality wire in one place.
No one wire company has the best wire along with the best colors. Take a look at the wire colors we offer for all of your cross supply needs.

We check our wire for chippage because we have experienced how frustrating it is to use wires that chip while wrapping. If you have any problems with our wire supplies, we want to know!

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Ziplock Baggies - UNAVAILABLE

Ziplock baggies for your Disciples cross supplies.

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Free Tags & Wholesale Tags -

Take a look at our free tags and baggie topper templates.
We have also included a site to buy customized tags at wholesale prices, for all of your jewelry needs.

Disciples Cross Supplies Wholesale Jewelry Stands -

You can a purchase Jewelry Stand here, or you can receive a "Free Stand" with minimum purchase.

We not only carry Disciples Cross Supplies for making your own jewelry, but we will also supply you with Wholesale Cross Jewelry, custom designed, and ready to sale.Thank you for considering our services.