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We are so blessed to be able to supply prebent nails to Disciples Cross Producers.
Here are comments from those who have used them.

I've tried to buy prebent nails from others, and they could never match yours. Your prebent nails are the only ones I ever recommend.
Disciples Cross Producer from TX

The best nailbender that i know of, and have used are Chuck & Kim are really wonderful people, and they have the best supplies anywhere, in my opinion.
Check out their website. I think you will be satisfied with all of their supplies, and their great christian attitudes.
Disciples Cross Producer from LA

I got the prebent nail sample yesterday. I wrapped it last night.
I thought I was doing pretty good bending my own nails - WRONG!!!
I made the most perfect cross on your nails with ease!
To anyone that asks, THERE IS A DIFFFERENCE with your nails.
I'll be a long term customer, so get used to me :-)) THANKS!!
Disciples Cross Producer from LA

The nails are bend perfect. I come out with a perfect cross everytime, no waste.
When I was bending my own nails, out of 25 I came out with about 10 good crosses.
With the nails that you bent, everyone is perfect, no waste.
It is so nice, I will actually make money, instead of just coming out even.
Thanks so much
Disciples Cross Producer from LA

I too would compliment Chuck and Kim on ther excellent service on the several orders I have received from them.
The COST of them bending them as opposed to the TIME it takes to bend them yourself. It is hard to pass up.
Disciples Cross Producer in UT

I agree the time you save not having to bend the nails is worth the cost! And I will say again Kim and Chuck are the best!!
Disciples Cross Producer from PA

Just checked the mail today & got your four perfectly bent nails!
I KNOW I'll be ordering supplies from you around the first because that is when I get paid again...THANK YOU!
Disciples Cross Producer in OK

I will not have to frustrate myself with bending my own nails anymore. 
Thank you for offering this service!
It will free up more of my time to spend with my little one, which is priceless.
Disciples Cross Producer in IA

I just received my sample from Chuck and Kim today, and it's great! The nails are perfectly straight and bent evenly. They must have some wonderful secret product!!
Disciples Cross Producer from MS

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed using your nails to make the crosses.
I still need more time to perfect bending the nails. In the meantime I would like to sell so I am glad y'all are providing this service!
Disciples Cross Producer in PA

Got the nails yesterday and they work great!
My husband loved working with your prebent nails.
He said it made things go much faster.
Disciples Cross Producer from AL

I REALLY appreciate the fast order processing
I got the nails today...their great! I've already made a dozen crosses with them, and they're coming out perfect.
Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I got the nails yesterday THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! they're perfect!!!!!!!!
Disciples Cross Producer from FL

Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I am truly impressed with the quality and consistency of the nails.
Disciples Cross Producer from IL

Thanks again for sending the nails so quickly!
Just wanted to let you know I received the nails today. Thank you so much!!! I was trying to bend some using the little pliers I have, but they were giving me blisters so badly that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to wrap them! You are an angel and a lifesaver for doing this for me and for getting them to me so quickly.
I am totally thrilled and impressed with your nails! So, I am thinking, I would like to order 500!
Disciples Cross Producer in FL

I received my nails today.
I may never bend another nail again.... Great work!
Disciples Cross Producer from GA

Thank you very much for sending the nails so quickly.  I really hope that you continue providing this service for some time (it makes my life a lot easier!).  Thanks again, and I will be ordering again in the future.
Disciples Cross Producer in CO

I received the nails today and they look great. Thanks
Disciples Cross Producer from MO

Your pre-bent nails are an excellent value.
Disciples Cross Producer in IL

I got the nails yesterday THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
they're perfect!!!!!!!!
Disciples Cross Producer from GA

Thank You for your Prebent Nail service.
Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I will be ordering some more nails from you ASAP...Thanks Again!
Disciples Cross Producer from MI

I just wanted to let you know that I received my nails yesterday in the mail. They are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so very much. I enjoy this ministry of making these Disciple's Crosses and these prebent nails make it so very much easier and the crosses come out beautifully. Praise God! and he is blessing me and you two with his favor and victory.
I just wanted to let you know that I had received the nails and I will be ordering more nails soon.
Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I can't wait to get the nails - I have decided (again) that I am about done with the bending. I can just be so much more productive when I don't have to deal with it.
Disciples Cross Producer from FL

I got the nails on Saturday. They are perfect, as always. You are awesome! Look for another order soon!
Disciples Cross Producer in FL

I just recieved my sample nails today, they looked great. So I thought I'd place my first order. I'd like all the colors in my kit except for orange.
Disciples Cross Producer from WA

I love your site and the fact that you guys offer pre-bent nails.  Bending the nails has been the hardest part in creating the crosses. 
Disciples Cross Producer in NC

You guys offer a great service!!! My husband and I are working on the bending of the nails but we don't have it as good as you yet!! It saves me lots of time to just buy them from you!!
Disciples Cross Producer from PA

I've made a trial cross and it turned out wonderfully.  Thank you so much.  This is going to save me a ton of time.  I'll definately use your services again in the future when I have more nails that need bending. 
Disciples Cross Producer in CO

Disciples Cross Producer from MT

I received the samples of pre-bent nails today.. they look great!
Disciples Cross Yahoo Forum Assembler in MS

I've purchased several orders of pre-bent nails from you. I am very pleased with the product.
Disciples Cross Producer from GA

I rec'd your sample..many thanks..they are great...
Disciples Cross Producer in AZ

And by the way, your bent nails have been such a blessing to me, too! :)
Disciples Cross Producer from OH

I just placed an order for some more of your wonderful pre-bent nails.
Disciples Cross Producer in WA

I have been very pleased with the nails.
You have made this so easy for me and thank you both.
I want you both to know what a great gift you give someone like me with the prebent nails. It has made making the crosses so much easier for me and not tiring out as easely as before.
Disciples Cross Producer from KY

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