Chuck makes the PATRIOTIC Cross in a number of designs.
Wholesale prices range from $3.20 - $5.20

Pictured above from left to right
1. Zipper Pull
2. Anklet
3. Rear View Mirror Cross
4. Key Chain
5. Necklace

Purchase below at $3.20-$5.20 each

To receive Free Priority Shipping, order 25 or more premade crosses from our site, *in any assortment*.

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PATRIOTIC Cross comparison

Above you will see a display of the different sized PATRIOTIC crosses we have available.
from left to right--> 1) #3/22 2) #3.5/22 3) #3.5/20 4) #3/20.
For more information about the differences and what nail/wire size you are looking at take a peek over here

Royal blue is no longer manufactured in 22 gauge wire.
20 gauge Royal blue IS available.


20 gauge - Royal blue
(Navy Blue available)
22 gauge - Navy Blue (only)

Combo Wrapped PATRIOTIC Crosses

All of the PATRIOTIC cross variations come wrapped in the combo wrap style.

Combo Wrapped PATRIOTIC Cross - $5.20 each

Jewelry Style
Nail Size
Wire Size

Standard PATRIOTIC Crosses

22 gauge (Navy only)
20 gauge (Navy or Royal)
click on images to get a closer look

PATRIOTIC Cross Necklace- $3.20 each 20 gauge wire
Blue Color
Nail Size

PATRIOTIC Cross Necklace(Navy)- $3.20 each 22 gauge wire
Jewelry Style
Nail Size

Anklet or Rear View PATRIOTIC Cross- $3.20 each
note: we suggest the smaller #3 nail for the anklet.
Jewelry Style
Nail Size
Wire Size

Keychain or Zipper Pull PATRIOTIC Cross- $5.20 each
Jewelry Style
Nail Size
Wire Size


We also have PATRIOTIC kits to make your own!

Let the PATRIOTIC cross display your faith in Jesus Christ, and loyalty to our country.

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