Disciples Cross Patent

Patent Information

There are different styles of-
telephones, computers, clothes, embordery, houses, rings...

Some look remarkably the same.
How do you know if someone owns a product?

Four main forms of IP
These are four completely different things

Coca-Cola as an Example

Coca-Cola has a registered Patent for their Coke Bottle Design.

Coca-Cola has a registered Trade Mark for their Name.

Coca-Cola has a registered Trade Secret for their Coke Recipe.

Three completely different things.

Nowdays, everything I am writing is protected by Copyright automatically.
I wrote it, so you can't copy this word for word.
Maybe that is why we were made to write reports in school; taking information from different texts, and combining them in our own words.

Does Coca-Cola hide their patent(bottle design number)?

The Coca-Cola recipe is hidden; it is a *Trade Secret*, not a Patent.

In some cases, you could keep your invention a secret like the Coca-Cola Company keeps the formula for Coke a secret. This is called a trade secret.
The formula for Coca-Cola is the most famous trade secret.

Patents on Products

Ever noticed the patent number printed on packages?

A patent number is placed on an object to show the public your proof of ownership. Those numbers do not expose secrets, just proof of ownership

What does "patent pending" mean?

Patent Pending is a phrase that often appears on manufactured items.
It means that someone has applied for a patent on an invention that is contained in the manufactured item.
It serves as a warning that a patent may issue that would cover the item and that copiers should be careful because they might infringe if the patent issues.

Once the patent issues, the patent owner will stop using the phrase "patent pending" and start using a phrase such as "covered by U.S. Patent Number XXXXXXX." Applying the patent pending phrase to an item when no patent application has been made can result in a fine.

Disciples Cross Patent

Are you a Producer that has tried to find a patent for the cross that Disciple's Cross, attaches their tag on?

You are not the first to seek that information.
In order to keep producers from writing us about patent information, we thought we'd make a page with all the information we have gathered on the subject of patents.

We do not want to give any false information, so if anyone has any other information please let us know.

This is what caused our search for a patent to begin with.

Producers ran across a family on the internet that had been selling the same cross(different wire gauge) that J.Raymond was marketing as a Disciples Cross.

This family said the cross they were making had been passed down from their father.

Many Producers were confused; saying things like, I thought J.Raymond designed this cross.

This was the beginning of Producer's quest, to find out if there was a patent number(ownership) on this cross design.

A 'Design Patent' protects the LOOKS of an object.
Does this LOOK like the cross you make?
If it does, you will need to ask the patent owners's permission to make it.
Click on the link below for more views.

Disciples Cross patent

Here is the location of the old patent https://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.htm&r=2&f=G&l=50&d=PTXT&S1=D396,929&OS=D396,929&RS=D396,929

Click on the link above for more information. There is nothing to steal from this patent information.

The 'x' in the center of the above cross is not in the front of the cross.

This is the only design patent we have ever seen.
If you know of any other patents, I would appreciate you letting us know.
We would never want to deceive anyone!

Someone told us they saw the cross we make in a craft magazine a long time ago, but I don't have a copy(proof) of it so it is just hearsay.
If anyone knows which craft magazine this was in, please let us know.

Our personal opinion:
The "2000 a month offer" is no doubt J.Raymond's idea.
J.Raymond has a Trade Mark 'tm', for the name - 'Disciple's Cross'.
J.Raymond has a Copyright 'c', for his advertising tag.

As for a 'patent' on the cross design?
You'll have to research it yourself.
This is all the information we have found.

Here is a place to begin your research: Patent Research

Please don't see any of this as legal advice. I'm not a lawyer by any means. Please do your own research on the subject. This is only the information we have found at the time of this writing. If you find any more information, please let us know.