How to Order Crosses

Do not choose 'assorted' if you would like to pick your colors.
'Assorted' means one of each color.

Wholesale Crosses
1) choose types of crosses you want.
2) change the quantity in the shopping cart.
3) You must manually add shipping if you order less than 25 premade cross items.
25 or more premade items receive free Priority postage.

3x royal blue
2x seafoam (lemon arms)
4x kelly(top), teal(bottom), white(arms)

If you choose to email us your colors and placement.
Choose 'Custom (Email Colors)' instead of choosing individual colors in the drop down menu.

1) Once you place your order, Paypal will direct you to our 'Thank you' page.

2) Please send your colors and placement of colors on unclear items through email or through our 'Thank You' page.

If you have a large order, you can enter types and quantities in the shopping cart, Choose Custom(email colors) for the color choice, then send us an email with your color choices, placement of colors and quantity of each.

If you need any help ordering your crosses, just let us know.