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Our Key Chain Cross Kits come with everything you will need to assemble 25 beautiful keychains.

If you know how to make the crosses, you will know how to make these. The only difference between making the cross keychain and the cross necklace is adding the key ring instead of the neck cord.

These Key Chain Crosses come in solid color, combo wrapped, and double wrapped nail crosses.

Feel free to customize any of these kits with your own choices of wire colors on each cross.

The first Key Chain Cross you see above is orange and yellow.This is the Combo Keychain. If you notice the top of the cross and the arms use one color, while the bottom of the cross combines those two colors. The last keychain above is another example of the Combo Keychain, shown in red and black.

The three center keychains above are called Double Wrapped keychains. This cross is made by wrapping two contrasting wires at the same time, causing a candy cane effect.

Please note that when the cross is attached to your keys, the sharp keys can cut the colors on the wires, which will cause the color to chip. Some colors are more noticable than others. The wire is made of copper so there are colors that won't be noticed as bad. The chipping of the wire color does not seem to detour people from buying the cross key chain.

Each Keychain Kit contains enough wire, prebent nails, neck cord, and bags to make 25 beautiful cross keychains.

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ATTENTION, we have - Premade Necklaces - $3.20 each