Horseshoe Nail Cross Kits

Double wrapped

Each Kit Includes:


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Each Double Wrapped Horseshoe Nail Cross Kit contains enough wire, prebent nails, neck cord, and bags to make 25 beautiful crosses.

These kits allow you to choose two contrasting wires for each cross which gives the cross a barber pole or candy cane appearance.

Double Wrapped Horseshoe Nail Crosses are perfect for school colors, your favorite ball team colors, or for making a beatifully designed cross of your favorite colors.

We offer the double wrapped kits for all of our different cross items; keychains, necklaces, zipper pulls, rear view mirror ornaments, etc.

We recommend the 22 gauge wire with the 3.5 nail when making these double wrapped horseshoe nail crosses because this combination is easier to wrap using two wires at the same time. Any combination of wire and nail will work.

→  Kits NO LONGER AVAILABLE with Double Wrap Wire  ←

Double Wrap Horseshoe Nail Cross
Double Wrap Horseshoe Nail Cross