Authorized DC Nailbenders FAQ

How old are your crosses?

Chuck makes your crosses with fresh materials, after you pay for your order

How long does it take Chuck to make 100 crosses?

It takes Chuck one day to make 100 crosses if he begins them first thing when he gets up.

We mail the following day.

How long does it take Chuck to begin my order?

If we have no orders, Chuck begins them right away.

We take orders on a first come first serve basis.

For more information please see our "Notices Page" for current delivery times.

How should I mail my nails?

If you are sending us less than 300 nails, 1st class is your best price.

If you are sending us 300 or more nails, check into the USPS Priority 'Flat Rate' envelope.
You'll need to place your nails in something flat; something that will not allow them to escape the Flat Rate envelope.
Like heavy duty ziplock bag, maybe even enclose the ziplock into a folder you tape together with 'duct tape'(of course). ;oD
That is just suggestions, but if you can fit them in a flat rate envelope the postage will only be $4.05; plus insurance, if you want insurance. :o)

How do I pay for you to bend my nails?

Enclose a check or money order along with your nails.
If you prefer you can pay here online.

Where do I mail my nails to have them bent?

Charles Blair
P O Box 515
Munfordville Ky 42765

Are the supplies from Disciples Cross 20 gauge and 3.5 nails?

Do you sell clear coat or have a suggestion of what to buy from home improvement store?

We know of three choices. :o)

Delta Cream coat is what Chuck uses.
You can find this at Michaels Craft stores.
This dries clear.
It is also has a one dip process, and it is clear.
You mix it half and half with DISTILLED water.
DO NOT shake to mix it or you will have tons of bubbles to deal with.
Stir it.

Deft Varnish sold at Walmart.
This is a toxic varnish that needs adequate ventilation.
This dries clear.
This only has to be dipped once.
Use full strength.

MinWax *fast drying* poly(black & silver can in the paint section) at Walmart.
This only has to be dipped once.
Use full strength.
It has a slight yellowish tint, but it is not noticeable to most people.

I assume the filament is like fishing line, any suggestion what weight (or whatever they base the size on)?

The smaller the better. Six pound fishing line sould work well.