Disciples Crosses Wholesale

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We are very happy to have been supplying Disciples Crosses Wholesale to Producers for over four years.

Oh my gosh!
I just received my order of premade crosses in the mail and WOW!
Definitely done in excellency; now that's what I'm talking about =).
I thank you so much and will probably be ordering more from you, either that I will be ordering nail cross kits from you to improve on my making skills of these =). Or both!
Bless God for you all and may He continue to bless your household abundantly.

Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I received the crosses and I wanted to thank you for your excellent work, A+++
Thanks again....the crosses are really beautiful!  I hope to use your services again real soon. 
Disciples Cross Producer in MN

You are the only person I have bought pre-made Cross's from, and just don't want to chance anyone elses work (since I'm sooo picky...LOL)...and your work is EXCELLENT!!

Disciples Cross Producer in TX

I received the crosses and they are beautiful. I am totally pleased. I thank God for blessing me with your help and my praise to you by word of mouth will bring you both great blessings.
Disciple Cross Maker in TX

I received the crosses today and they are great. I would like to order more.
Disciples Cross Producer in TN

I got my crosses today. As usual, they are excellent. Thanks again for the great work and fast turnaround.
Disciples Cross Producer in LA

I appreciate your service...I have been burdened wondering how I was going to find the time to make the crosses I needed.  What a blessing to find your site!  :)
Thanks again,
Disciples Cross Producer in CA

Got the Crosses today. Thanks! You do great work!
Disciple Cross Maker in IA

The Crosses were great. I need some more
Disciples Cross Producer in IA

We are so pleased with our recent shipment(of crosses). Great work! We have already sold some and need to get our inventory set up.
Disciples Cross Producer in TX

Thanks!  I received my crosses and they were beautiful! 
You're more help than you know.
Disciples Cross Producer in IN

If you would like to order your Disciples Crosses Wholesale, we would be honored to serve you!

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