Disciple Cross Kit

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ATTENTION, we have - Premade Necklaces - $3.20 each

Each Disciple Cross Kit contains enough wire, prebent nails, neck cord, and bags to make 25 beautiful crosses.

The original Cross Kits we offered to Disciples Cross Producers was the standard Disciple Cross Kit. The original Disciple Cross Kit includes 20 gauge wire with the 3.5 Capewell Nail.

Some Disciples Cross Producers were having a hard time bending their own nails.

We were asked to put our prebent nails into cross kits.

Disciples Cross Producers who have used our Cross Kits say these prebent nail kits, helped simplify and speed up the process of making the crosses for their local fundraisers, craft shows, etc.

We now offer the Disciple Cross kit in a smaller #3 Bent Nail. These nails are a little bit smaller. You may have heard them referred to as the 3 inch Disciples Cross, but they really measure approximately 1 1/2 inches tall, compared to the Disciples Cross Necklace which measures about 1 3/4 inches tall.

Both sized nails are available with the 22 gauge wire. The 22 gauge wire is smaller, and gives the cross a different look.

Feel free to choose any color combinations you would like in your cross kit, at no extra charge.
Including one, two or three colors on each cross.

Kits Unavailable

ATTENTION, we have - Premade Necklaces - $3.20 each

Disciples Cross Kit
Disciples Cross Kit