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We have been supplying Disciples Cross Producer Cross Kits since 2004. We count it a blessing to serve fellow Christians.

Here are some of the comments we have received about our Cross Kits.

I have tried to buy kits from other places and have to say, you beat them all! I will be ordering all of my cross kits from you from now on. THANK YOU!!Disciple Cross Producer in VT

The r/w/b kit arrived today. Thanks so much. Also wanted to say that I
love working with your pre-bent nails! I have completed the multi-colored
kit and will get started on the r/w/b tonight:-)
Disciple Cross Producer in WA

I received the kit today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I can't tell you how
impressed I am with everything. The colors match beautifully, and the
nails - WOW!! What a wonderful job! They will save me so much time.
Everything is in perfect condition. You guys really do a great job, and I
will most definitely be using you for supplies when I run out. Thank you
again so much!
Disciple Cross Producer in TX

Thank you for your wonderful pre-bent nails. They helped me to be able to complete my cross kits in a much shorter time frame. Both my husband and I were struggling with bending the nails correctly.
I have just placed an order for another 2 pre-bent nail kits. Again, thank you for your help with the prebent nails.
May God be with you
Disciple Cross Producer in WI

The kit just came in this morning. Everything was there and in tip-top shape.Shipping was fast, too.Looking forward to continuing business with you folks!
Thanks and God bless!
Disciple Cross Producer in FL

I received my order yesterday. How nice it is to receive an order in a matter of days rather than weeks!!! Also, the prebent nails have saved me so much time in making the crosses! Thanks for your prompt and friendly service....I'll be back for more!
Disciple Cross Producer in NY

I just received my kit today, and I'm VERY pleased!
Disciples Cross Producer in CA

I will be ordering a kit from you, as the bent nails will be a huge help to me.
Disciple Cross Producer in MO

I got the kit(Friday afternoon). This is great. I don't have to wait all
weekend. I don't even have to bend the nails.
Disciples Cross Producer in OR

I recently ordered a red-white-blue kit from you guys. Your service was great. 
Disciple Cross Producer in PA

Thanks so much for an excellent product. Look forward to needing more stuff SOON! Til then,
Disciples Cross Producers in FL

Thanks for the quick turnaround on the wire order. I'll probably get it
Disciple Cross Producer in NC

I got the kit a few days after you sent it, and I have made them.  Thank you so much. I want to order 2 kits this time.
Disciple Cross Producer in NC

I received my two other kits today. I just ordered another kit.
Disciple Cross Producer in CT

I received the kits today, and everything looks great. Thanks to both of you!
Disciple Cross Producer in TX

I received my kit today.  The nails look perfect!!!!!!! 
Disciples Cross Producer in IN

First of all I just wanted to tell you both Thank You. I ordered one of your kits, and I gotta say the pre-bent nails are awesome!!
Disciple Cross Producer in IA

We got the kit today and are so excited! How could I go about having you guys bend my nails for me?
Disciple Cross Producer in KY

I just ordered your 2 kit special & two sets of tags. 
I really like the prebent nails & the variety of colors in both wire gauge kits.  I also appreciate the fast service.  Thanks!
Disciple Cross Producer in IA

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