'Do everything as unto the Lord'

Hey everyone,

This is Chuck and Kim from Authorized-DC-Nailbenders. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you are surrounded by love and those you love during this time of the year.

Praise the Lord for His Love and Mercy!!

Web Site: We are still working on our new site. New Site in the making.

We want a site that is easier to navigate. Our old site was made about 10 years ago, so it is very outdated.

Our new site is not finished, but you can place orders thru this new site.

We would like to hear if you find any bugs and/or suggestions are very welcome. :)

Cords: Cords do not require postage.
The shopping cart was adding postage but I finally figured it out. Now your cords can be ordered here and the postage will be free.

Zip Lock Bags: We will be adding bags back shortly. If you need them before I get them up, just email us.
Chuck's Health
Most of you know that Chuck went to the hospital to have a Heart Cath. The test showed he was 99% blocked. So they rushed him to a hospital 2 hours away. He was kept in ICU for 2 weeks.

Chuck has been healing slow.
His wound has just now healed.
He has a long way to go but God has been merciful.
Thank you so very much for your prayers!!

Chuck is working half days.
January 1st he will begin working full days.

If you have an order placed, you should have received your shipping date.
Email us if you haven't received your shipping date.
Thank you all for all you do for us!!
We would not be here if it was not for YOU!

We love you all!
Blessings, Chuck & Kim