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We offer our nail cross in many different colors.It does not matter if you are looking for a nail cross that matches your favorite sports team or your school colors. We are more than happy to make any design you would like.

All of the nail crosses on this page are $3.00 *plus postage*, unless you order 25 or more, of any assortment.

Nail Cross Wire Size

On the top of the page you can see samples of crosses made in 20 gauge wire, all except the red, white, and blue cross. The red, white, and blue cross is also made with 22 gauge wire.

These nail crosses below are a few samples of the nail cross in 22 gauge wire.
We will make your nail cross anyway you would like them!

nail cross


It can be easier to see the difference of the wire size, by using a picture of the same colored cross. So here you go. :o)

In the picture below:

nail cross
(You can click on the image for a better view)

The nail cross on the left <-- shows the nail cross wrapped with 22 gauge wire.

The picture on the right --> shows the nail cross wrapped with 20 gauge wire.

We will gladly custom design these nail crosses in the colors you want.

Ordering LESS than 25 cross items??
YOU MUST add your own shipping!
(insurance available separately)

To receive Free Priority Shipping, order 25 or more nail crosses from our site, *in any assortment*.(insurance available separately)

-- Instructions to send your color choices --
(or please email color choices)

nail crossMulti color Nail Cross
20 gauge
Nail Size:

nail crossMulti color Nail Cross
20 gauge
Nail Size:

nail crossPatriotic Cross $3.00
Patriotic Cross
(20 gauge wire)
Nail Size:

nail crossTricolor Camo Nail Cross $3.00
Tricolor Camo Nail Cross 
Choose Sizes:

nail crossTricolor Blue Nail Cross $3.00
Tricolor Blue Nail Cross 
Choose Sizes:

nail crossTricolor Gold Cross $3.00
Tricolor Gold Nail Cross  
Choose Sizes:

christian fund raiserTricolor Green Nail Cross $3.00
Tricolor Green Nail Cross 
Choose Sizes:

christian crossTricolor Purple Nail Cross $3.00
Tricolor Purple Nail Cross 
Choose Sizes:

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